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Several questions

Hello, I have several questions regarding Combat Warfare (A.K.A Special Force 3)

Below is basically a more "rich" FAQ.

- Who is the developer ?

- Who will publish the game in ;

- Europe ?

- N.A. ?

- Asia ?

- What engine will be the game be based on ?

- What anti-cheat will the game use (definely a odd question but xigncode3 is hot garbage)

- Minimal/Recommended specifications ?

- What are the gamemodes ?

- What are the maps ?

- Will orgelboxes (or gacha) still be present ?

- Will Fever system (or similar) and/or Event system still be in the game ?

- Is Combat Warfare truly Special Force 3 or just inspired of it ?

- Will clan wars a/o competitive mode be present ?

That is probably too much questions though :d

I've let the developers know about this thread.