When will the game be released to the public?

We expect to release a public beta by December 2018 and launch on January 2019, there will also be private betas held at various points in the development lifecycle and we may invite people to these private betas – more information regarding this will be posted when the private beta(s) is/are ready.

Will I be able to synchronise my account from S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2?

As of this moment: No Рthis is unlikely to change the future, the reason being it gives an unfair advantages to new players (those who are not from S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2); however in special cases we maybe able to do this. All bans will also be reset. 

However, we do allow you to retain your “SF2” username/gamertag.

What offenses can I be banned for?

Note: subject to change

  • Cheating / Macros :(2 Weeks – Permanent)
  • Harassment¬†(1 Hour – Permanent)
  • VPNs (1 Day – Permanent)

All other reasons (1 Hour – Permanent)

All bans are open for dispute if you feel they are unreasonable.

Will there be IP bans?

As we are not a company operating out of Germany, we will be issuing IP bans where necessary – only on very rare occasions – and you will be able to dispute our decision if you feel a ban issued on you is unfair.

How are cheaters handled?

Combat Warfare is designed to reinvent the shortcomings of SF2. A custom built anti-cheat which constantly monitors for malicious malware by a combination of methods. Unlike other anti-cheats which rely solely on fingerprinting, heuristic detection ensures that even new, unknown cheats cannot penetrate our game and will prevent cheaters from tarnishing the experience.

Cheaters are immediately banned before they can cause damage, and bans are evidence based and cannot be over turned!