More Weaponry

The team are hard at work, still developing more weaponry so we have the full range of assets available from our favourite game (SF2!)   As you can see, we aim to keep as many similarities as we can to ensure the game has a familiar feel and look to it, albeit, with improvements. We …

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Video Update!

Just a little update from the team. More coming soon as we complete Satellite after the initial wireframing (this is one of many attempts to make it accurate) Game development can be very time consuming and tolling, so please be assured it is coming, and it is a serious project – we would rather release …

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More Updates

So! On behalf of the team, I’d like to apologise for the delays so far. From now on we will have more updates and we will keep you updated more than weekly if possible. The delays have partly been due to trying to source the best possible resources. 3D scans of textures such as concrete, …

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