More Weaponry

The team are hard at work, still developing more weaponry so we have the full range of assets available from our favourite game (SF2!)


As you can see, we aim to keep as many similarities as we can to ensure the game has a familiar feel and look to it, albeit, with improvements.

We are continually improving small factors like these for a more streamlined, quality gaming experience when the game is finally launched.

Menu and UI designs are also coming along smoothly, and will be posted, very, very soon!

We appreciate the communities patience, as ever, for those that understand that games are a lengthy process with a lot of development and testing to do.


We are working hard to ensure the final product we deliver is nothing short of spectacular, in performance and gameplay.

31 thoughts on “More Weaponry”

  1. arthur hallez

    Very good update,I hope i will get a betakey as i try to help the community^^
    Btw its a very good choice to make the g36(everyone knows its the best weapon instead of famas or k2 or SG551 x) )

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