Further Updates – Bringing the fun guns!

Greetings Soldiers! –

As ever, we are further progressing on the most important components of Combat Warfare.

We have had over 150,000 visitors to this website! At this point, we have ensured Anti-Spam software prevents spammers from leaving comments or sending emails that are malicious. For us, security and the safety of the community is paramount.

As such, we need to be prepared for the release of this game. We are accepting private beta testers as well as admin applications.

As for our admin applications, we are reviewing the current submissions, and we are ensuring we handpick the top, most experienced and mature players to uphold a clean, fair community.
We have had many impressive applications, and we would like to thank the community for their passion and interest in this game.

As we progress on the game, weaponry is also in the works, creating all the individual components we will need, be it weapons, and addons. Of course, Combat Warfare will allow for players to configure weapons, something long wanted on SF2, but to no avail. We are also considering the possible attachments to vary it further from the previous available functions, even from the PlayPark and other distributions of SF2. Silencers, Lasers, ACOG, Holographics, the possibilities are endless.

We would also urge you to use the forums to ask questions, share your ideas or to submit feedback – each and every post is looked at by the admin team, and of course by your peers

Over the weekend, we will further release more updates such as the GUI and interface, and more. Please note this is something we intend to revamp from what we are currently used to, and as such, for this step, the community will be cruical. The current SF2 interface is not scalable. It is very small and not responsive to screen resolution, to say the least. We feel it has not aged well, and its functionality, as well as reliablity has a long way to go and has a lot that can be improved upon

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days!

40 thoughts on “Further Updates – Bringing the fun guns!”

  1. wow that to be able to customize your weapon is VERY VERY good option, an option that we have always wanted for years, to be able to customize as a supreme m4a1, I would also like to put a silencer on the g36c, famas … etc thank you very much for putting that option !, and I would love to participate in the closed betas or closed alpha, whatever, I have many years in skill and I would love to try the skill 3 already 😀

    1. admin


      We’re glad you’re happy about the weapon modifications feature, you will be able to modify all weapons (except knifes / grenades – as of now). You can apply for a private key membership via email ([email protected]).

      Many Thanks,
      Admin Team

    2. It’s available since almost 2 years for korea with many variant of customizations,it would be a great thing for esl to permite to players like me to adapt my gameplay to my game style

  2. How do I know if this is real? it looks like a page like false, I have asked to gm’s of skill and they say that no skill 3 is going to come out, but of course they are from gameforge, you do not … I do not know, I want it to come out sf3 but I do not know if I trust a lot

    1. admin


      Thanks for your comment and great question, while GameForge will claim and deny “Special Force 3” isn’t coming, they cannot do so as they do not own a trademark to “Special Force 3”, we have already addressed this before, GameForge do not own “Special Force 2”, it has just been licensed from DragonFly (and neither do they own the trademark to “Special Force 3”). Now to answer your question, we currently do not really focus on “look & feel” of the website and we have decided our efforts are best placed elsewhere developing the game as this is just meant to be for us to communicate with the community while we develop the game, rather than the ‘completed’ website.

      We hope that answers your doubt.

      Many Thanks,
      Admin Team

      1. Wow, really? I’m getting blown away, so everyone who says that skill 3 is a lie, I’m going to pass this answer to everyone who says it’s false, wow thank you very much, now that I believe that this really exists, many many thanks hahaha <3

  3. Hi, I’ve contacted some gm’s friends from Spain, turkia … etc and they say that this is false, that they will not see any sf3 … the truth is that I’ve had a great disappointment … I do not know if This will be true or false but everyone tells me that it is false … I do not believe it for now … is that I am very disappointed, I think all this is false, or how can you teach me that this is real? Any proof or something please? I need proofs…

    1. admin


      The answer to your question can be seen in the previous comments and previous posts, where we posted several screenshots, a video, and posts explaining our whole process as well as the legalities for your proof. Once more, we are not affiliated or linked with GameForge or DragonFly, therefore you can safely disregard their comments as it is not their product. We’ve spent over a 1000 hours already on the development phase. We lose absolutely nothing if you do not believe in the project, however we hope that this is not the case. We’ve spent 1000s already in purchasing the right tools and equipment to get textures upto 8K (which can be found on our previous posts). You can also additionally, track our progress by following subsequent posts, and we don’t know what more we can provide to satisfy your doubts.

      Many Thanks,
      Admin Team

  4. Many people make me believe that this page is false and has not seen any sf3 and I do not want to pay much attention to them … I think that all this would not be a simple person this page, and all this writing … would have to be very bored, I believe in this, but every time people make me believe less ..

    1. admin


      Please bear in mind the game “technically” doesn’t exist, as it hasn’t been created yet, we’re in the development phase, but we have a realistic budget and timeframe set, and we’re on schedule in terms of progress.

      Many Thanks,
      Admin Team

  5. Jul Max

    Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

    English :

    Hello, concerning the customization of weapons, silencers, lasers and others … It is a good thing I find, but I also think that you would not should give so many advantages as the ultimate weapons as on sf2 for example, it remains an equipment and not a boost of weapons. I would also like as very much of players I think, that it is possible to play, with certain rules as a rule “unauthorized equipment of weapons” so that the players old school, can take some pleasure.

    French :

    Bonjour, concernant la personnalisation des armes, silencieux, lasers et autres… C’est une bonne chose je trouve, mais je pense aussi qu’il ne faudrait pas donner autant d’avantages que les armes suprêmes que sur sf2 par exemple, ça reste un équipement et non un boost d’armes. J’aimerais aussi comme beaucoup de joueurs je pense, qu’il soit possible de jouer, avec certaines règles comme une règle “équipement d’armes non autorisés” afin que les joueurs old school, puissent prendre du plaisir.

    Continue like that, very good job !

  6. Hello.
    What about operating on 2 or more monitors?
    In SF2 u have to leave game by using “microsoft” key.
    You can take example from fortnite. In menu, You just have to move coursor to second display.
    Ingame, You press windows key and You can go to other display without leaving game window.
    I also still wait for Your response to my mail.

  7. Richard Hodalski


    We are really sorry about the slow down In progress we are working hard behind the scenes on a new update for you guys. You just have to be paitent and it will appear, thanks for the continued support


    Admin Team.

    1. Richard Hodalski

      Hello there,

      I can guarantee you this isn’t fake it takes time to get it to where we want it to be and for where you guys as the public wants it to be like, just be patient and you shall see a new update soon.

      Many Thanks

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