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So! On behalf of the team, I’d like to apologise for the delays so far. From now on we will have more updates and we will keep you updated more than weekly if possible. The delays have partly been due to trying to source the best possible resources. 3D scans of textures such as concrete, wood, to add realism.

Satellite is being wireframed and scaled (remember, we want it to be the same, but improved, so we’re working out how to scale it so it feels the same. Rulers dont exist on SF2 so we’re having to restort to ‘different’ methods 😊

Possibly good news – Satellite will not just be normal. Ever wondered what lurks behind the windows and the areas behind the server room and more? We did too, so we’re adding an extra part to the map so players can counterattack from within the top floor. This will be shown fully this weekend when we release the full map with textures and more, so you can offer your opinion on whether its a beneficial addition to a beloved classic.

Textures – we are using 4K-8K Scans for textures where possible for utmost realism. We want to make sure that we keep the simplicity of SKILL but add realism to it, without sacrificing game play.

They’re preeeetty big in size, but even bigger in detail.

We are going to be release more videos and perhaps even streaming after we release a good view of Satellite this weekend, during which we will talk about further ideas we’re considering to add. For example, dynamic lights so you can hide, flick the lights off and lie in wait for your opponent?

Dynamic weather too – rain and other effects to make the game more competitive and realistic. Hear the tapping of the raindrops and use them to your advantage to mask your footsteps as you creep up on your enemy.

A video is coming tonight and more updates!

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    1. admin

      It’s not, that’s the size of the SSD dedicated to the game 🙂 during production before compression, the file size will be huge due to 8K textures.

      Release size will be considerably smaller.
      Admin Team

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