Week #3 Updates – Admin Applications, 100K Views and HUD

This week for the updates, it’s a short list but there is still progress which has been made to discuss with you,

So as promised we have done the following:


Started designing the HUD to be fully functional (a screenshot for people who are interested in the technical process)

This will soon be followed by the Lobby as soon as the HUD aspect is complete.

Looking for Contributors and Administrators

Are you interested in being part of the “Development” or perhaps the “Administration” team? After so many requests we will be taking on those who look to put their skills to good use, if you’re interested please feel free to contact us on [email protected]We highly recommend that you send in a proper CV.

Roles we are looking for:

Game Developers ($2000 / Month) : Unreal 4 Experience, NoSQL Database (of choice), C++ and/or Node.JS Programming Skills

Game Managers ($1500 / Month) :

A game manager’s role is head of the administration team, he/she will be in charge of the in-game events, economy of the game and the other administration team. Moreover, English is a given language that he/she must be able to speak to a working proficiency level. You will be legally employed and paid for, but are required to “be online” in-game for atleast 40 hours a week. Additionally the Game Managers are entitled to “Unlimited In Game Content” meaning all guns, characters, customizations etc. are provided for free of charge.

Please note that while we are happy to take volunteers (which are not paid for) as well for Designing, Website Administration and any other role you feel you can fulfil, this will be in limited capacity. We will reply to all emails within 72 hours.

Once we are in the final few weeks of the game’s development we will be posting a seek peek of the Administration tools in-game, and the Administration web dashboard.

We’ve reached our first 100,000 website views

Thank you so much guys, you’re truly the best – we appreciate the interest, time and faith you have put in us and we will be working continuously till we feel that the project is complete and won’t be stopping until it is so a big THANK YOU 

What about the rest of the list?

  • Logo will be published on 25/8/18
  • The new website design will be published on 25/8/18
  • Forums have been installed and enabled, User registrations will be open on 24/8/18
  • The “surprise” video will be posted – which will also include the completed map of Satellite, and the new animations (ALONG with Reserve your Username!) on the 26/8/18

ALOT to look out for in the coming few days, so be on the look out and let us know how you feel about the new changes.

Thing’s that we didn’t forget but got delayed to add that were promised:

  • Weapons

With progress being made else where on the project, weapons have been left behind temporarily and progress will be resumed with-in the next few weeks, where we will ask for your opinions on what weapons you would like to see and their stats. Bear in mind we will try to replicate all guns there are in “SF2”.

What to expect in Week 4?

One point to keep in mind is that we post every other week meaning the next post is expected to be on the 6th of September the reason for is that it takes us 7-10 days to implement the new features and thereafter a few days to test it and to create the new post, so look out for that.

  • Completing the Textures (Dynamically Scaled and Upto 4K Quality – this is for those who have asked us for amazing graphics).

While this may seem lazy keep in mind that the game will consist of over 700 Textures – so it takes alot of time , we plead guilty to working on them secretly 🙂 and those with the lower GPU’s we will be releasing the required hardware settings in Week 4 too.

Thanks for your time – have a good evening!

12 thoughts on “Week #3 Updates – Admin Applications, 100K Views and HUD”

    1. admin

      Hi Jan!

      This weekend, the forum will be open.

      In the next weeks set of updates, a forum will be mentioned, a logo will be released, and we will be open for community discussion and suggestions, as well as some more updates.

      Thanks for your interest!

  1. Sam

    Hi , i am interested about being a GM , i dont know where to send the CV . the link you added is not working , can you give me a link please ? and thanks ^^

  2. 7Nv❤CaRRy 🎵

    Sf2 was my game, for 2 years, sf3 will beat sf2? I don’t now, but i have a simple answer for admins, “ga and gm, will be the same thing like in sf2?” In skill 2 are awfull, they don’t do nothing to improve the gaming experience.

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