Combat Warfare : Special Force III

It might come as a surprise to most of you, but we have officially started development of “Combat Warfare : Special Force 3”, the game’s focus once the development reached to its set milestones is to launch as an MMO-FPS.

Before we get any further, this is (temporarily) the primary website for all the Combat Warfare : Special Force III or abbreviated “SF3” – this website and the forums will be moderated daily to bring you updates on the roadmap of the project, gathering feedback and to assemble a community ready to go on the game launch. For legal reasons, we make this very clear:


We are a private company, Foretag Inc. located in U.S.A with offices in Sweden and Croatia – the development of this game is privately funded, this is our initial and sole project and therefore we will be applying all our resources and we really appreciate your patience while we work on this project. The intention on this website (and/or) post is for us to inform our “soon-to-be” players about who we are, what we do and why we do it – as well as a reference for our development team.

This game will closely resemble the game “S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2″/”SF2”, which is a very successful international franchise from the company DragonFly and published by various publishers but most notably: GameForge – unlike “SF2” we will be both developing and publishing the game (in all locations) ourselves so we can provide you with a better overall experience. The game itself will be very similar in terms of Maps, Weapons, Game Modes and Character Mechanics; with that being said there will also be several new features and differences. The game will be free to play, with in-game purchases available.

Key Differences

Windows or Mac

You can play Combat Warfare III on your PC or on a MacOS computer, we are also exploring the possibility to play on the Xbox (360/One) and PS(3/4).

Unreal Engine 4

With an AAA rated engine the physics are greatly improved and we can also offer you better optimization hence less “FPS Drops” and better Hardware support

Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments allow you to customize your weapon in many ways including: Sights, Suppressors, Magazines, Lasers and Camos

Trading & Marketplace

Everyone will now be able to trade the following: Weapons, Attachments, Camos, Clothing and Usernames

In-house anti-cheat

After 100s of hours of research and discussions we have decided to build our own anti-cheat in-house with our development team, instead of relying on industry standard alternatives – this saves us a lot of our budget, however adds to the development time. Unlike our predecessor (“SF2”) we will pressure all cheat as a service websites (i.e. SystemCheats, AimJunkies, MrSnapz) with strongwill legally while consequently improving our anti-cheat algorithms. Our anti-cheat system will use heuristic algorithms to block known cheats and newly released cheats automatically. Bullet trajectory, damage, aim position, and many other factors are polled constantly so cheaters do not have a chance. That is, in the unlikely event that a cheater would even be able to start the game while running a hack!


The servers will be hosted in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Australia

In the following few weeks the following will be taking place:

  • We will be looking to take on 3 Game Admins therefore Admin Applications will be open on the website – so watch out – more details to follow
  • A domain name registration ( will take place
  • A new and intuitive logo will be designed
  • Screenshots will be posted of the Weekly Development and Discussions

Please do feel free to browse the website and read the FAQ.



13 thoughts on “Combat Warfare : Special Force III”

  1. I hope this is legit. Can’t find the companies page which is developing the game on internet. Looks like a troll. I guess only time will tell.

  2. I co z tego że wypuszczacie tego skilla 3 i tak sami będziecie sprzedawać hacki tak jak na początku skill special force 2. Była to oficjalna strona do skilla i hacki sprzedawaliście na miecha po 20$. Jak byście naprawili skill special force 2 czyli całkowite wyczyszczenie z tej gry hackow . Może byście wzięli przykład z twórców gry Fortnite .

    1. Nie porównuj tfu fortnite’a do skilla, poza tym, to jest inna firma jakbyś przeczytał chociaż trochę, ale jak widać tutaj jest wszystko po ang. a i tak musisz komentować po polsku …

  3. Mam nadzieje że to będzie coś grubego bo skoro ta gra czyli skill 3 była robiona pare lat chyba 5 to zapowiada się na naprawde coś niesamowitego

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